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So my life in general has been very busy ; school every day during the week and the weekend i work all day and do it all over again each week. But when i do get downtime im too tired to really do anything i want to. i havent been on here in months it seems like and im only on it now because im at school, and it seems like i havent been able to pick up a dread in weeks. which i feel horrible about im just to tired. im at the point of exhaustion. im half way into a dread order i got a month or so ago. luckily its one for a friend and ive been talking to her a lot about it and shes fine with it. but after that one im no longer gonna do dread orders for people unless its in the summer time when i have time or if my life slows down. O.O!
On top of everything i have been sick for about a month. darn cough and cold shyt. i think ive been sick bc i have been to haggard physically. i hope i regather myself. im starting to slip in some of classes and i cant have that im SO close to graduating i can touch it. but not if i fail even one class. >_> FML ! lol but rly hopefully all this hard work will pay off and ill get some time to chill.

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not much has been going on with me lately...just been lounging around the house, making dreads and looking for a job..

  i did cut all my hair off..well not all of it but it is deffinatly shorter than it has ever been before

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So my sister left this morning for camp XD finally!! 2 weeks of my mom in a good mood and no nasty comments about anything! Me and my sister do not speak and puts everyone in a bad mood, lies and steals and then uses the good child front to get away with it. UGH but like i said she is gone for 2 weeks so yay! but before she left she did manage to take my straightner i use for making dreads and i have an order due here soon...UGH i wanted to punch her in the face when i noticed it was gone.
  but anyways im sitting here alone at the house and i like being alone everyonce in awhile, its peacful, my mom is up north and josh is at work, i get bored though and my mind wonders and i start to think of the things i need to do like get a job (noone will hire me ) and graduate but its summer at the moment but i will soon. Just wish i could get a job. Its ridiculous. whats so wrong with me that noone will hire me....Asses...

So last night i went to see the new harry potter movie with josh jessie and pun and it was yet another movie disaster why the hell does hollywood insist on wrecking decent books on the big screen...but besides the things that were wrong with it, the fight scenes werent bad and Bellatrix lastrange was amazing as always!! :) my crazy bitch idol..makes me happy

Oh and that treminds me at the theatre i saw the movie poster for the new tim burton film which happends to be of one of my favorite movies
YAY!!         hopefully he will be a great mad hatter but i expect nothing but awesomeness ^.^

  Which bring me to a note that i just have to say...Congratulations dumb fuck you made the paper...

"After a woman was hit in the head with a baseball bat during a robbery in St. Paul, a 14-year-old told police he and a man had been "jumped" into a gang and told to "get her," said a criminal complaint filed Monday.

The 19-year-old victim was treated at Regions Hospital and released, said Sgt. Paul Schnell, police spokesman. He said the suspects hadn't randomly chosen the woman, but police are trying to determine why she was selected.

A 13-year-old boy who was with the suspects had a photo of the victim on his cell phone, the 14-year-old told police.

The complaint charging Michael Garfield Blake-Potter, 21, of St. Paul, with first-degree attempted aggravated robbery gives this account of events:

Police were called to the area of Case and White Bear avenues about 3:30 p.m. Friday. Paramedics took the victim to Regions.

Several witnesses told police they saw three males approach  the woman and one punched her in the face. Another male, identified as Blake-Potter, hit her in the face and head with a baseball bat three or four times. The third male, identified as 14-year-old M.A.-H., picked up the victim's purse after the assault.

Police set up a perimeter and "with the assistance of civilians" soon saw the three suspects running on railroad tracks behind Hazel Park Middle School. They "eventually found Blake-Potter and A.-H. behind a home where the homeowners were loudly ordering them ... to leave their yard," the complaint said.

M.A.-H. told police

he was with Blake-Potter and a 13-year-old boy. He also "stated that this was not a random act and that they were looking for this particular victim as the 13-year-old had a picture of her on his cell phone," the complaint said.

M.A.-H. said that he had punched the victim in the face and that Blake-Potter had hit her with the baseball bat. He said the 13-year-old was with them but hadn't hit the woman.

It wasn't clear Monday whether either juvenile had been charged.

Blake-Potter told police he saw the assault but didn't participate. He said he was running because he had about a pound of marijuana that he was delivering. Blake-Potter also said that M.A.-H. had given him a bat while he was running and that he threw it over a fence.

Blake-Potter is being held in the Ramsey County jail on $25,000 bail."

Now rot in the jail cell you locked yourself


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So i have been pretty busy lately...been working hard on my dreadies getting them at least wearable XD finally all my black blond and blue is gone !!!

Then when all that is done i went to cirque du solei with a friend of mine for her birthday afterwords we went to A rave Named Detonate...It was blast! got a ton of compliments on my hair and even some customers wanting to buy them lol!  But today i am trying to wind down from being out all night AND got a bunch of goodies in the mail :D my order from triplesix came (just a headband lol) and so did my hair order now i got tons of green and pink hair which i will be backcoming shortly

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So the past couple of days i have hung out with my friend myra who recenlty had the swine flu?? and now I'm honestly a little worried that i could be sick...ugh! i Feel fine but the worry is there... which is odd because the swine flu was the least of my worries until she stopped by...but you know whatever....
  since my mom has been back into town all she has done is complain and tell me how horrible of a person i am and how much i need help and need to get the fuck outta her house and what a terrible daughter i am and how i lie all the time...Basically driving me to the point of not wanting anything to do with her and i am already searching for an apartment which me and josh have found several we can afford! woo! so we might be out sooner than expected which will come as some surpise to my mom who tells us to get out but when we mention something about it she gets all pissed...I just dont get it. she is completly out of her mind and i can take it any more... thankfully well its a maybe. she and my sister might be going up north to the cabin this weekend from like wed. to sunday so that will be another brake from all the yelling. I am pretty sure josh gets paid friday too. so we will be able to look around and some apartments. Im super exctied About looking at them and cant wait until we move out but its a first time thing for me and i am a little nervous on top of that i know for a fact when my mom finds out she will pour gilt on me for trying to do things my own and tell how much she will hate me and disown me...UGh there is no winning with her at least away from here i can here myself think.

  Anyways! i am pretty surei have a modeling shoot set up for a couple weeks from now which is super sweet!! I am also really nervous..Like i have never done anything like that before except for in school....but i had direction then..Just all sorts of nervous..Hopefully it will go well and i will have some cool shots for my portfolio !! ^.^
  Then with the hair i am pretty sure i have mastered the dread technique...well at least got it to the point to them notbeing horrible.! they look good! woo! ill post pictures when i can. but i have been lazy.

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I have never met a person that can take you whole mood and kill it in 5 sentances like my mother can...You can be having the best week in your life work your ass off trying to make the house perfect for when she came home and in 3 min kill your mood and bring your self esteem down to the point where you wanna kill yourself...She is gonna get a shock when she finds out me and josh are moving out relatvly quickyl she tells me i need to do something with my life well moving out on my own is gonna be something....

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So last night my friends Jessie her baby girl and pun and gitchi came by last night around tenish and partied it up with me and josh till pretty late at night lol the whole reason for them to drop by in the 1st place was just to use the washer and dryer lol which pun didn't end up doing until this morning, Me and josh weren't there to see that though because we managed to wake up early and run out the door to go to valley fair, which was awesome! i piled on the suntan lotion like i usually do anywhere that the sun hits i hate being sun burned...but josh refused sun block and now his arms are burned...HA! serves him right....But anyways at the park we went on two rides and then a water ride which soaked us..But it was hot enough where it didn't matter then we got our pics done at one of those old time photo places.. it was awesome! i was a  harlot and josh was a cowboy ahahah! but we looked like an old school Bonnie and Clyde i think imma scan it because it is dope as hell. So we wandered around the park some and made our way home for some reason talking about the Renaissance festival. which i cant wait for but its all the way in the fall :( So when we finally got home my feet hurt and i was squishy from all the water rides which is one of my pet peeves i ran inside and put jammies on ^.^ got the mail and yayness my hair came! woohoo! then i got online and was accepted into model mayhem ! how sexy is that! what a sweet website..I hope i get some sweet job offers. So all in all it was a good day ^.^

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So today i went and ran the errands i needed to and also picked up a steamer..It was a 30 Dollar one from target and i am a little worried because it  is by conair and i have never had a successful product by them..It always breaks or just plain doesn't work but for some reason i always want to keep giving them chances to win me over...huh well i guess we will see how it works whenever my hair arrives ^.^ which should be relativly soon.
   But yeah...In other words...My youtube channel is off to a pretty good start ^.^
   ----->>>   (btw) ^.^


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Well today i woke up still feeling sick and at about 5 o'clock pm...But i had some noodles and sat around for a bit..And started to feel a bit better ^.^ yay, having no food in the house till today could have been a factor to that as well..But the boyfriend got paid today and we just ordered pizza..Num num! I love pizza...!
   but in the mean time of me sitting around at home until josh got off of work i discovered that the laptop and do video!! .. so i made a youtube channel and posted like 2 or 3 vids <-- right there ^.^ yep so today went pretty good. and tommarow i got some erreands to run,,yay